It all starts with a spark of passion.

We are very passionate about providing you with banking solutions that keep your infrastructure working.

We follow a simple recipe that provides success.

01. Quality

Identify products and services that have worked and keep working, are affordable and are quickly packed and shipped.

02. Commitment

Provide a solid platform of communication between us and our customers. Transparency is the key ingredient here.

03. Support

Be there for our clients, after everything has been shipped and installed. We maintain our business relationships with reliance and responsibility.

Our key values.

The criticality and unique nature of the banking sector requires a high level of trust. In order to efficiently, effectively and successfully conduct and conclude business, one needs to identify a reliable and experienced partner that will ensure the delivery and execution of all needs and requirements. 

Particularly in the field of banking IT infrastructure maintenance and support, it is even more critical to depend on a partner that can and will deliver upon the promises made. 

Understanding your needs is also another key component of our values. Having been in the industry for over 25 years, we can confidently say that we fully and clearly understand the needs and requirements of the banking business. We also clearly understand the need for security and the “go to market” urgency, hence can offer you our expertise and knowledge across a wide range of products and services.

Pillars of success

We faithfully stick and simply follow our 4 Pillars of Success

Product Continuity

Product Upgradability

Product Reliability

Product Support

About Michael Andreou, CEO and founder.

Michael started his career in the IT Banking Sector in September 1992, when he joined the Software Support Department of NCR Middle East Africa. Having spent a good 10 years working on a number of Core Banking and Infrastructure projects in Cyprus and the Middle East and urged by his passion to deliver technology solutions that matter, Michael moved to Sales and joined NCR Cyprus as a Sales Director for the local banking sector.

This is where it all started, as fascinated by the “value-add” offered by the solutions provided to the banking sector, Michael became obsessed with the Self-Service industry.

After spending 4 successful years in this position, Michael moved to the NCR MEA Channel Team, where he was initially appointed as Channel Manager for the Near East and East African countries. Michael’s first visit to Africa was the country of Uganda, or otherwise described by Winston Churchill the “Pearl of Africa”.

This was a major turning point for Michael’s career, as through the next 12 years he would spend most of his time serving the African continent.

In 2011, and after leaving his mark in the whole of the Near East and East African region, Michael’s business tactics and exceptional interpersonal and communication skills are recognized by NCR Corporation which appoint him as Managing Director for the entire NCR MEA Channel region. During Michael’s tenure, the region, comprising of 52 countries from Morocco to the West up to and including Bangladesh to the East, was to testify a phenomenal and un-precedented growth with total revenues exceeding the century million milestone.

During this golden era, Michael has established strategic personal and business relationships with a huge number of C-Level executives and entrepreneurs in all of the African Continent.

In 2017, having successfully concluded his tenure as Managing Director for the MEA Channel, and urged and encouraged by his passion for the African continent, Michael exits NCR MEA and sets up TechVest Systems bringing with him his long and valuable experience of the business.

TechVest today

Today, TechVest Systems, has managed to capture a significant share of the market. Through its large and well dispersed network of partners, the company has managed to make its presence felt, its customers happy, and its contribution to Africa immense.

Information Technology is the technology which supports the creation, manipulation, storage and retrieval of information and its effective and efficient management, application and communication in an ever-changing business environment. Organisations that failed to adapt, improvise, change and overcome during the years, are no longer with us!

Michael andreou

CEO TechVest Systems