World class manufacturers and partnerships

We are very proud to be the official distributors for the following manufacturers of high end banking automation equipment

The manufacturers

Aiming to ensure the highest quality of products and services, we have teamed up with a number of elite global technology providers.

Digital Check

The Digital Check story started in 1959, when a paper broker named Tom Anderson Sr. saw the way companies were storing important data on microfilm, and thought he had a better idea. Paper brokers – agents who helped paper mills find buyers for their products – had all kinds of different clients, and one day at a convention, a rival broker bragged that the 3M Company was using his paper for storing microfilm.

Digital Check today

Today, with factories in California USA, Digital Check Corporation has managed to become the Global leader in the provision of Cheque Image Scanners and Branch Automation Equipment. The company serves the US continent through a network of ground operations and attends the Global Market through a well-structured Channel representation.

Our teams are proud to maintain an edge in quality and reliability by keeping complete control over the manufacturing process, from components procurement to final inspection. All of our TellerScan, CheXpress and BranchXpress scanners are assembled and 100% tested in the U.S.A. at our plant in California.

ATM Services

Founded and based out of Germany, ATM Services provides software to diagnose NCR Personas and Self Serv ATMS, compatible EPP Keyboards with PCI 5.0 Approval, and new original Spare Parts for NCR Personas and Self Serv ATMs.

The “ATM Services” team has accumulated a total of more than 50 man-years of experience working exclusively with NCR ATMs and is currently addressing the African Continent through its partner TechVest Systems.

The “ATMdesk” Diagnostics and Repair solution, coupled with our high-quality robust PCI 5.0 Certified EPP Keyboards and wide variety of NCR ATM Spare Parts enable and equip our end customers with all it takes to successfully support, maintain and sustain their extremely strategic ATM installation base.

SFOUR Company

Sensory Systems for Successful Solutions SFOUR is a hardware and software developer and producer of self-service ATMs, terminals, cash deposit machines, self-checkout systems and kiosks. SFOUR has been in the self-service systems market for over 12 years.

The company develops, manufactures and introduces integrated solutions with PA DSS, EMV card standards support and with ISO8583 and NDC advance connection protocols support. The also develop self-service solutions for various business sectors: ATMs, VTMs, payment terminals, ticket terminals, deposit machines, SIM-cards and credit cards issuing machines, information kiosks, queue management systems, smart safes and automatic collection terminals and automatic tellers.

SFOUR is certified for ISO-9001M QMS support and has implemented more than 500 projects for integrated self-service solutions in banks, telecom, payment systems, transport and retail companies in Russia, CIS, Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America