Branch automation

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Branch Automation Peripherals
Financial Kiosks

Banknote Value Counter BT-6000

Banknote Sorter Machine BT-700

Fitness Banknote Machine BT-2101

TellerScan® TS240

Coin Sorter Counter BT-1300

Universal Coin Counter YD-100/YD-200

Universal Coin Counter YQBD-110S

Value Coins Sorter LINCE 90

Banknote Counterfeit Detector BT-130A

Thermo Scanner GQ-1081D

Arete ATM

Wave Customer Service Kiosk

Stronghold Automated Depository Module (ADM)

Cadis Automated Depository Module (ADM)

ECO Checque Deposit Kiosk

ECO NEO Multi-functional Kiosk

ECO NEO Payment Kiosk

Elegant Kiosk