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techvest, your banking services partner

TechVest offers its customers 3 distinct product lines which cover the needs of any Financial Institution in their search for a solid and reliable partner.

Banking Automation

Delivering products and solutions to the financial industry, enabling them to streamline their operations, maximize their revenues and optimize their bottom line.

Mobile Branch Solutions

Enabling the financial industry to improve their Inclusion Banking Strategies and enhance their activities to remote geographical areas and high foot-fall events.

ATM Software and Accessories

Providing those hard to get on-time Spare Parts and Accessories. We also provide our top of the range ATM Diagnostics and Repair Software Solution as well as our world-class high-quality PCI Certified EPP Keyboards and ATM Pinhole Cameras.

what we do

Provide banking automation solutions.

By working with TechVest Systems you are ensuring a high level of professionalism throughout your purchase experience. Our 25+ years of experience in the industry, and specifically across the African Continent, has proven catalytic in establishing strategic partnerships with a number of key players in the industry. This has also given us the opportunity to form strong relationships with a huge number of customers, something that has proven to be an integral part of our success!

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banking automation

Making banking easier

Partnering with Digital Check Corporation, a pioneer and world leader in the manufacture and provision of cheque scanning solutions, cheque recognition and clearing software, Techvest Systems has managed to capture a significant share of the African market in the banking and financial solutions industry.

mobile branch solutions

Inclusion banking 

Under the combined umbrella of marketing, temporary site operations, inclusion banking and disaster recovery, our Mobile Branch Solutions help you to provide Banking Services everywhere and anywhere like remote geographical areas, high foot fall events and in cases of unforeseen disasters. Additionally, our Mobile Branch Solutions offer Financial Institutions with a temporary option for setting up operations prior to establishing a fully fledged costly branch. Our Mobile Branch Solution provides another delivery channel of service to your customers and offers the convenience of world-class Banking at their footsteps.

atm software, parts & accessories

Maintain your ATM channel

Identifying the strategic importance and uniqueness of the ATM Electronic Channel, has forced TechVest Systems to focus on assisting financial institutions to properly maintain and perfect their Self-Service Operations. Apart from our world-class ATM Diagnostics and Repair Software solution, we also offer the complete range of ATM Spare Parts and accessories. An extremely high Value-add to our product portfolio and boutique items are our PCI Certified EPP Keyboards and ATM Pinhole Cameras, which boast higher quality robustness and life span than any other product in the market.

The uniqueness of the latter mentioned channel to provide all banking services on a 24hr basis makes it an invaluable asset to any bank interested in providing its customers with uninterrupted and secure service.

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