Check Image Scanners

Whether its a Remote Deposit Scanner, Teller Scanner, Full Page Scanner or Network Ready device, we've got you covered.

Working with Digital Check Corporation, the number one in Banking Automation equipment allows us to offer you the solutions used successfully by financial institutions around the world.

ATM Spare parts, peripherals & diagnostics

We provide software to diagnose NCR Personas and SelfServ ATMs, compatible EPP Keyboards with PCI 5.0 Approval, and new original Spare Parts for NCR Personas and SelfServ ATMs.

Our “ATMdesk” Diagnostics and Repair Software automatically authorizes new USB Modules after installation in NCR Self Serv ATMs. Additionally, our software can be used in ATM Repair Centres to diagnose the health of NCR ATM Modules.

We provide Keyboards for NCR Personas and Self Serv ATMs with PCI 5.0 Approval, 1:1 drop-in and 100% play and plug compatible with NCR EPPs. Our keyboards support Remote Key Loading and – Above all – our Keyboards are fully repairable!!

We provide new and original Spare Parts for NCR Personas and Self Serv ATMs, original NCR Currency Cassettes and Purge Bins, original NCR Card readers, dispensers, Gears, Belts, Pick Lines, Suction Cups, S2 Dispenser Boards, PC Core Motherboards etc for all NCR ATMs. We also offer our high-quality robust ATM Pinhole Cameras specifically designed for the ATM Self Service channel.

Branch automation

Financial Institutions need to Re-invent and re-engineer their branches and turn them more into revenue generating entities rather than cost centres.

By identifying the appropriate Self-Service strategy, banks need to execute and change the way they do business, allowing their highly trained and capable staff to engage in more productive activities.

Our products, whether these are Self Service Deposit Kiosks, Bulk Note deposit kiosks, Bank note and Coin Counters, Bank Note and Coin sorters, Bank Note Fitness and Counterfeit Machines and Bank Note Binding units provide exactly what banks need to free up their personnel from those time-consuming low value daily tasks!

Mobile Branch and CIT Solutions

Our widely installed and running Mobile Branch and CIT solutions provide Financial Institutions with more than just an alternative business channel, but also enable them to enhance their Inclusion Banking delivery strategies.

The huge landscapes and distances in the continent of Africa make it possible for banks to choose our solutions to take banking and their name to the unbanked, attend large high foot fall events in short time, and further enhance their product and services diversity.

Designed to provide luxury, safety and high-end security our in-house manufactured products have proven to be a strategic tool in the hands of a large number of multinational and local banks in Africa. From Morocco to the West, and up to and including South Africa to the far south, our Mobile Branch and CIT Solutions roam the African continent offering to people and organisations banking at their footsteps!